The Art of Natural Cheesemaking

Art of Natural Cheesemaking
Soon to be released, my natural cheesemaking guidebook will provide insight into making cheese with raw milk, without added starters, synthetic rennets, or chemical additives. The methods within will outline an ecological cheesemaking approach that is more intuitive and elegant than the standard industrial (and corporately controlled!) cheesemaking practiced by home cheese makers and artisan cheese makers in North America.

My book will describe: how to keep your own starter cultures,
how to cultivate the white fungal cultures of raw milk
how to grow your own blue fungus
how to encourage the development of washed rind ecologies
how to avoid the need to pasteurize and sterilize
and how to make a wide variety of cheeses entirely naturally.

The Art of Natural Cheesemaking will empower cheesemakers to take control of the culture of their cheese making, and to produce cheeses that are a true expression of the land, and not of the laboratory. It’s about time we take back our cheese! To be published by Chelsea Green, July 2015. Forward to be written by Sandor Katz.